Marantz Service Center Delhi

Marantz Products Service, Repair & Installation all are done by experienced and qualified engineers

We are an authorized Marantz Service Center in Delhi.

For more than fifty years, the name Marantz is recognized as the best in home entertainment. And today, even in the midst of growing and often confusing technology, these components still fulfill the vision that originally motivated Saul Marantz to improve the sensory horizons of even the most demanding music lover.

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Unique AV electronics is an authorized Marantz Service Center Delhi for all Marantz products. We service and repair them all, old and new, tube and solid state. Many Marantz amplifiers and receivers are still going strong even after few decades of use. We repair the old classics, such as the 2265, 2270, and others, as well as the separate power amplifiers and tuners as well.

  • We provide service repair & installation of Marantz audio system amplifier, AVR & home theater system setup
  • We provide sales & advisory as per requirement to your home all Marantz products.
  • We will do cable management and under ground wiring for your home theater system.
  • We design an acoustic home theater system , sound proofing, wire management & automation
  • We upgrade your Marantz products with sale and exchange.
  • We provide all types of accessories and items for all Marantz equipments.
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