Marantz CD110 CD Player

Marantz CD110 CD Player is the best supplement to the SR110 recipient for all intents and purposes and execution. In expansion to CD, CD-R and CD-RW playback, the CD110 additionally plays back MP3-encoded CDs. It uses a premium Cd component and D/A converters for smooth, refined, artistically including sound quality. Also offers an assortment of the program and play modes.

Marantz CD110 CD Player incorporates some of the extra comfort highlights, like two coaxial and two optical computerized yields. Also, double speed synchronized CD recording when utilized is related to a CD recorder. The Duetto System incorporates the completely useful matching metallic silver RC110SR controller.


Compact Disc Player (2001-02)

Dimensions: 210 x 71.5 x 310mm

Weight: 4.3kg

Disc format: CD

Digital converter: 16-bit

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Dynamic range: 90dB

Signal to Noise Ratio: 87dB

Channel separation: 87dB

Total harmonic distortion: <0.02%

Line output: 2V

Digital outputs: coaxial, optical

There are a few technical issues which are commonly occur in the Marantz CD110 CD Player that we will discuss here:-

Problem: CD-R/CD-RW disc not playing.

Cause: Placement of disc is upside down.

Solution: Place the disc in the tray correctly.

Problem: The disc fails to rotate

Cause: The power cord is pulled out of the socket.

Solution: Insert the power cord plug into the socket.

Problem: The disc is rotating but there is no sound. 

Cause: No proper connection between amplifiers and speakers

Solution: Connect the cables correctly.

Cause: The amplifier’s function or selector switch is not set to “CD” or “AUX” or such.

Solution: Switch the amplifier’s function or selector switch to “CD” or “AUX” or such.

Problem: Sound is not being heard even when the USB memory device is connected.

Cause: The amplifier’s volume control is set at the minimum level.

Solution: Adjust the amplifier volume.
Cause: There should be a proper connection between the amplifier and speakers. 
Solution: Connect the cables correctly. (See the instruction manual for the amplifier.
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