Audio-Video Surround Receiver


Dimensions: 440x230 x 346 mm

Weight: 10kg

Tuning range: AM/FM

Power output: 200W at 6ohms

 Frequency response: 10hz to 100hz

Input sensitivity: 200mv

Signal to noise ratio: 100db

Digital inputs: optical , coaxial

Video Connections: HDMI

There are few technical issues which is very common we found in Marantz AV receiver amplifier SR5013 that we will discuss here:- 

Symptom:- No power, red LED is not getting on, System Dead, system is not turning on, No display at all 

Solution:- If there is no power or no LED light or no display then 1st you need to check the power socket by changing with some other device, if other device is working fine in the same socket that means power socket(AC line voltage) absolutely fine. Now you need to check the power cable which should be connected firmly at the AC power socket of Denon AV receiver which is built at the backside cabinet. If it is connected properly that means system has technical issues which can be solved by doing this, just remove the back cabinet by unscrew the 8 screws, then check the power supply PCB (circuit) which is built vertically at the AC power input section/side, then check the main fuse, if it is blown then change the main fuse with the same value( fuse value is measured by Ampere) now probably your system will turn on and your problem is solved. If the fuse blown again after changing by new one within a fraction of second that means the power supply circuit(PCB) is short and you should visit to authorized service centre to check/ change the main Switching IC, bridge rectifier diode, main filter capacitor, 4148 diode, quarter watts resistor and few low voltage zener diode. After doing this your power supply will be absolutely fine and your AV receiver/amplifier will work like earlier.