M-CR 412

Hi-Fi CD Receiver


Dimensions: 280 x 303 x 111mm

Weight: 3.3kg

Power consumption: 55W

Power output: 6ohms

Tuner radio: FM/DAB

Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz (DAB)

10Hz – 40kHz ( Analogue in)

Signal to noise ratio: 90dB

Total harmonic distortion: <0.1% (Audio)

< 0.4% (FM)

Stereo separation: 75dB (DAB)

There are few technical issues which is very common we found in Marantz M-CR412 Network Receiver that we will discuss here:- 

Power does not turn on.

Check whether the power plug is correctly inserted into the power outlet.

Power automatically turns off

The sleep timer is set. Turn on the power again.
“Auto-Standby” is set. “Auto-Standby” is triggered when there is no operation for a set
amount of time. To disable “Auto-Standby”, set “Auto-Standby” on the menu to “Off”.

Operations cannot be performed through the remote control unit.

• Batteries are worn out. Replace with new batteries.
• Operate the remote control unit within a distance of about 7 m from this unit and at an angle
of within 30°.
• Remove any obstacle between this unit and the remote control unit.
• Insert the batteries in the proper direction, checking the q and w marks.
• The set’s remote control sensor is exposed to strong light (direct sunlight, inverter type
fluorescent bulb light, etc.). Move the set to a place in which the remote control sensor will
not be exposed to strong light.
• When using a 3D video device, the remote control unit of this unit may not function due to
effects of infrared communications between units (such as TV and glasses for 3D viewing). In
this case, adjust the direction of units with the 3D communications function and their distance
to ensure they do not affect operations from the remote control unit of this unit.

No sound comes out of speakers

• Check the connections for all devices.
• Insert connection cables all the way in.
• Check that input connectors and output connectors are not reversely connected.
• Check cables for damage.
• Check that speaker cables are properly connected. Check that cable core wires come in
contact with the metal part on speaker terminals. Also, securely tighten speaker terminals.
Check speaker terminals for looseness.
• Check that a proper input source is selected.
• Adjust the master volume.
• Cancel the mute mode.
• Check that the correct input source is selected when audio is being input to this unit from an
external device.
• Check the digital audio output settings of the connected device. The initial settings may be
off depending on the device.
• Only 2-channel linear PCM can be input as the digital audio signal to the DIGITAL IN connector
of this unit.
• No sound is output from the speakers when headphones are connected

Cannot connect to the network.

The network name and password (WEP, etc.) settings are wrong. Configure the network
settings according to the setting details of this unit.
• Reduce the distance between the wireless LAN access point and this unit, remove any
obstructions and make sure the view to the access point is unobstructed before trying to
connect again. Also, install microwave ovens and other network access points as far away
as possible.
• Check the router power supply.
• This unit is compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g.
• Configure the access point channel settings away from channels that are being used by other
• This unit is not compatible with WEP (TSN).

Files on the USB memory device are not displayed.

Files of a type not supported by this unit are not displayed.
• This unit can display a file structure with up to 8 levels and up to 5000 subfolders and files in
total. Modify the folder structure of the USB memory device.
• When multiple partitions exist on the USB memory device, only files on the first partition are