What does an AV Receiver do?

The A/V receiver or AVR is the hub of a home theatre or home cinema. An A/V receiver is the electronic consumer component that controls and drives your home theatre experience. Before you can evaluate A/V receivers, you need a good understanding of exactly what an A/V receiver does. Connects and switches your audio sources: Every audio source in your home theatre should connect to your A/V receiver. The preamplifier section of the AV receiver allows you to easily switch or select the audio sources that you want to listen to.

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When the protection indicator comes on the front panel display of DENON or MARANTZ AV receiver or the on/standby red LED flashing continuously what you should do?

The “Protection” LED light flashes on the front panel which means there are some technical issues in the AV receiver, loudspeaker or in the loudspeaker’s cable.
If it is tried to put on again and again it may cause a severe difficulty.
In thermal protection cases, the av receiver will automatically reset after a few minutes of cool down and the protection indicator will go out and regular operation will start.
If the protection light came on due to a speaker wire short, low impedance condition or a defective speaker, the av receiver power will need to be turned off to reset it. Before turning the power on, all speaker wire connections should be checked for their integrity at the receiver side and at the speaker side.

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What are the few basic things about Home Theatre to check before and after?

  • Amplifier or AV Receiver volume should be at a minimum position before switching on the power.
  • All PowerPoint should be examined that whether the plugs are connected firmly
  • All analogue and digital sources connectivity cables and accessories are connected properly.
  • All speaker cables and Subwoofer cables should be examined.
  • Our Indian standard voltage is – 220 VAC
    So power accuracy also has to be checked.
  • It is highly recommended to have a UPS with at least 5 minutes of power backup to use any kind of projector.
  • The cell in remote control has to be checked every after 2 months. Throughout all the remote cells every after 6 months.

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Why you should repair your hi-end audio-video equipment from an authorized service centre only?

Warranty extension:- warranty extension is only possible when you get serviced and repaired by a company authorized service centre.

Resale Value:- Your product gets proper value whenever you want to sell them with the service record.

Spares Availability:- Authorized service centre has to keep the spares by force from OEM so customers get their product serviced and backed very faster.

Safety:- Company-authorized service centres always maintain the international safety standard.

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Which are the Best comparatively AV Receivers in the current market with Technical specifications and easy solutions?

Currently, there are 2 AV Receivers available in the market, which is absolutely value for money and budget AV receiver. The first one is Denon AVR-X250BT and the other one is Denon AVR-X550BT. If we talk about the quality of sound? Then it is absolutely better AV receiver under 40000/- rupees. And the wattage of the Denon AVR-X250BT and Denon AVRX550BT is 130 watt RMS into 5 channels at 6 ohms. Hence, which is good enough to drive any wall-mountable or Qube speaker under 200 watt RMS.

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