Unique AV Electronics is a trusted name for home theater, stereo, music system, amplifiers, projectors repair and installation services. We serve multiple brands especially Marantz, Denon, Bose, Arcam, Rotel, Yamaha etc.


At Unique AV Electronics we do turnkey audio video installation project for home theatre systems, outdoor performance systems, cinema hall, mini theatre systems, public address systems, Airport announcing system, Disco and DJ Systems, Club, mall Etc.


It is very important to listen to the customer for any kind of problems is being faced whether it is out of warranty or in warranty equipment’s. Here in Unique AV Electronics a steps use to cover during the repairing and servicing of any kind of electronics systems. We listen very carefully to the customer and register the complains, check thoroughly all the function of the equipment’s; diagnose the problem by highly educated electronic engineer with very high quality fault finding equipment. Remove the faulty components carefully and then install the exactly same value components then again check all the components, after checking everything we clean all the major and minor PCB, connectors, controller, regulator, volume control, Display, power supply, HDMI board, Logic section, input and output section, Pre amplifier section, Power amplifier section, front panel switches, all signal and power filter section and every necessary single components. After repair the equipment we put the on observation for at least 8 hours. After we satisfying ourselves we call the customer to collect. We also give home visit and technical support to customer for any other installation related work.


It is necessary to check all the commercial equipment Monthly basis and home audio every after six month to keep the equipment at very good condition and optimum performance. Our Annual Maintains Contract option is to secure our client trouble free operation. A few routine work is compulsory for every electronic audio video equipment. To check all the cable and inter connectors in good condition, Input electrical power condition, clean Input air filter of projector, Check all the speaker driver and tweeter in proper working condition, Check all speaker connectors and amplifier output performances and some necessary adjustment. It is in routine work that we clean and adjust all the audio mixer volume control, master control, Fader, input and output section. Check all the volume control and front panel switches, proper audio and video calibration through manual and software base. Repair at free of cost of any audio video equipment which is faulty within the AMC period.

Home Theatre

We take complete turnkey project responsibility of any kind of Cinema hall, Mini home theatre systems, Disco DJ System, public address systems, Airport, Shopping mall, outdoor performance systems , music recording room, channel music system, acoustic treatment, sound proofing, recliners chairs(Manual and motorized), home theatre lighting, audio video and lighting automation, Installation and integration of following equipment.. Stereo amplifier, Speaker(Active and Passive), Subwoofer (Active and Passive), AV Receiver, Projector, Pre Amplifier, Power amplifier, CD Player, Turntable, Record player, DVD/Bluray Player, Audio mixer, Mic, Dolby atmos system, Etc.

Multiroom Audio

Sometime you need integrated audio system in your whole house, it is always necessary to choose and install the right equipment so that you can control your whole house audio system from anywhere of your house.


For auditorium hall there is always balance between acoustic treatment, sound proofing and equipment selection. Good equipment always will not give the best performance until we do not acoustically design the auditorium hall properly, similarly a good acoustically design hall cannot produce best performance until proper selection of electronic equipment in terms of wattage and output. We always keep two things in our mind during planning , these are Echo and reverberation factor.

Cinema Hall

In unique AV Electronics we install repair service and take AMC of commercial cinema hall, it is always necessary to have back to back support for all audio video equipment and very fast repair and service on any kind of breakdown. A regular maintenance and service always reduces the chances of break down. We have highly educated electronic s engineer and audio video technician.

Audio Video Conferencing

In today world technology is faster than anything. There are many options in the market to integrate a VC system. A real video conference system is real time conferencing. It is necessary to choose all conferencing equipment like Screen, projector, camera, amplifier, speaker, micro phone, proper internet connection, good quality cables and connectors etc.

Public Address System

If Public address system is well equipped and integrated then you can clearly convey the message to the public, In public address system you need proper matching between speaker amplifier mixer processor and micro phone. The equipment selection always depends on place, number of audience, purpose of addressing, type of program etc.

Projector & Screen Installation

Projector and screen installation is totally depends on the room size, viewing distance, number of chairs and recliners, presence of light etc.

DJ System

We repair install and cover AMC for all kind of Disco and DJ Systems like Audio Mixer, Active and Passive speaker, Active and passive subwoofer, Head phone, audio processor etc.

Outdoor Audio Video

Never install your audio video equipment which is made for indoor, all equipment are specific and work at different atmosphere.