What are the few basic things about Home Theatre to check before and after?

Few basic things about home theatre:

Let’s know a few basic things about home theatre to enrich your knowledge and augment your interest in Hi-end audio.

  • Amplifier or AV Receiver volume should be at a minimum position before switching on the power.
  • There should be checking All the PowerPoints whether the connection of the plugs should be firm.
  • All analogue and digital sources connectivity cables and accessories are connecting properly.
  • All speaker cables and Subwoofer cables should be examine.
  • Our Indian standard voltage is – 220 VAC
  • Examine the power accuracy also.
  • Never put off the power directly when Projector is working. Every time we recommend that press the power off button from your projector remote and wait for a minute for the standby condition. After standby, we can put off the main power.
  • It is highly recommended to have a UPS with at least 5 minutes of power backup to use any kind of projector.
  • The cell in remote control has to be checked every after 2 months. Throughout all the remote cells every after 6 months.
  • Clean and service of Projector air inlet filter every after 6 months.
  • Never keep your CD player empty. Always keep 1 CD inside, So the CD will always cover/protect the optical lens from dust.
  • If you do not use your systems for a long time then disconnect all the power and signal cables and wrap up the system packed and keep a safe place.
  • Never let the sunlight directly comes to your indoor speaker, slowly it may cause damage to Speaker’s body and driver/teeter kone.
  • Never spray any liquid directly to your amplifier/speaker/CD player/Projector and any other audio Video equipment. It may damage your electronic circuits.
  • Always use a typical voltage stabiliser for very high and very low voltage areas.
  • It is always better to disconnect your equipment when it’s raining heavily and lightning. It also may cause huge damage.
  • Always keep your CD/DVD/Bluray and record neat and clean for optimum performance.
  • Always use good quality HDMI/DVI/VGA/RCA/EP to RCA/Phono and other accessories for optimum performance.
  • At least once a month use your system manually instead of using remote control or app, so that your system micro switch will be in working condition.
  • Always keep the service and repairing record of your systems if you repair, service or modified ever.
  • Never disconnect any accessories or cable from systems while it is in working. It is always safe to connect and disconnect cables and accessories when the system is in the power-off condition.